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how many stars do your customers see?

In the new value-based healthcare landscape, improving patient satisfaction is not only a financial imperative, its a critical ingredient to create client loyalty to your brand.  For over a decade, hospitals have committed to delivering enhanced patient experiences and raising HCAHPS scores. But consistently delivering and sustaining 5 Star experiences can be challenging.  This is where the experts at Boost can help.

At Boost Patient Experiences, we have one clear goal: to help your organization improve the patient experience and consistently deliver 5 Star Patient experiences...the type that make it easy for patient to select your system time and time again. 

Our goal isn’t to improve your scores for one or two quarters; we support you to create the sustainable cultural change needed to deliver consistently positive patient experiences over the long-term and be known in your region as the hospital of choice. 

Cultural change: the key to sustainable success

How can your hospital achieve sustainable improvements in patient satisfaction?  The answer is different for every hospital which is why we begin engagements with a cultural assessment to identify the existing strengths and the tweaks required for consistency.  That’s why we offer a variety of comprehensive programs to support you through the process.

 At Boost, we don’t believe in quick fixes. 30 years of healthcare and business experience has shown us that Band-Aid tactics are not sustainable. While you might see some short-term gains, you’ll be disappointed down the road when your scores backslide.

Instead of implementing a quick fix, we work with you to identify the underlying challenges affecting your organization. Even if you’re already 80% of the way there, we can deliver the final 20% that makes all the difference.

Experiencing inconsistency in HCAHPS scores?

If you are experiencing inconsistency with HCAHPS scores from quarter to quarter, year to year, we can help with a complimentary assessment that will help your hospital identify the top 3 key factors contributing to inconsistency at your hospital. 

Generally, we find that seven common factors can keep your hospital from creating sustainable, patient-focused cultural change. Learn how to maximize your hospitals original investment in patient satisfaction. Contact us today for a complementary assessment.

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The experts at Boost Patient Experiences will teach your organization to thrive in the new value-based healthcare landscape. 

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