Since HCAHPS was introduced in 2002, most hospitals have adopted and implemented evidence based practices.  It would stand to reason that by now, those strategies would be ingrained into the culture to happen all the time, every time, right?  

Yet with the newly introduced consumer friendly "star ratings" only 7% of the more than 3,500 hospitals evaluated received the highest score of 5 stars.  

What's missing?


The "what's missing" piece is our area of expertise. We help you identify it and work with you on a strategic plan to improve Patient Experiences. BOOST Patient Experiences is dedicated to helping hospitals consistently execute their patient experience strategies to drive HCAHPS results.  Period.  We transform the "knowing" into "doing consistently" to deliver results.

Our team of  business minded health care professionals have partnered with hospitals for the past 17 years to improve and sustain the patient experience.  

Check out "BOOST Services" to see some of the ways we are helping hospitals reach their HCAHPS goals.



Eileen Campbell, MBA, RN

Eileen Cambell

Eileen Campbell is a seasoned patient experience consultant and patient advocate. Her unique combination of healthcare expertise and business acumen allows her to approach patient care from all possible angles. Never one to take a one-size-fits-all approach, Ms. Campbell excels at developing customized solutions that suit the needs of each individual organization.

For the past 17 years, Ms. Campbell has helped hospitals approach patient care from a new perspective. Under her leadership, several prominent hospitals have implemented enhanced patient experience programs that raised their HCAHPS scores.

Ms. Campbell’s clinical experience includes time spent working in the ICU and on medical-surgical floors at large hospitals. She also excelled in the business world, improving operations and handling tough business issues with expert skill. As a trained corporate coach, Ms. Campbell has a keen understanding of the behavioral component of change. Her exceptional business intelligence and in-depth clinical knowledge is a valuable combination that allows her to implement effective, sustainable cultural change in the hospital environment.