What IF You Had...

  • DAILY Access to an experienced Patient Experience Specialist to:

    • Reach out to with questions

    • LEARN insiders tips on what really works

    • create, REFINE strategies

    • accelerate the patient experience  

    • Navigate the terrain and avoid the land mines




    • NETWORK so you don't have to reinvent the wheel, every time

    • connect through shared experiences




What Could Your Results Look Like?




CONNECT  The Support Network Hosted by BOOST

The charge sounds simple enough, improve the patients experience, raise the HCAHPS scores.  However for over 10 years of industry emphasis, the outcomes are surprising low, only 5% of hospitals in U.S. have achieved 5 Star Ratings; clearly not as easy as it sounds!  Improving the patient experience is much more than implementing strategies like hourly rounding.  Improving the patient experience is about consistent execution and that requires the power of a community to build.

So where can you find the experience to hasten the learning curve in an industry that is relatively young with regards to experience?  Until now there have been very few affordable opportunities to access expertise and develop a sense of community with like-minded peers which is why we are SO excited to offer Hospitals, the following opportunity:


a yearlong access to the BOOST patient experience community:

"the connect SUPPORT NETWORK"


OFFERING a "lifeline"


ALL at a fraction of the cost of hiring consultants!

"Connect" is a whole new way to experience the support of BOOST Patient Experiences through the power of a community.  The "Connect" social platform community provides information, knowledge, experience, lessons learned, best practices and support...just a connection away, positioned to:

  • Answer questions
  • Share experiences
  • Collaborate with other specialists in the community
  • Get the inside scoop on what works and what doesn't work
  • And ultimately overcome obstacles, accelerate scores, and position hospitals for brand recognition


You have a question, you receive a response.  Not sure which way to turn, send out a smoke signal and we will respond. want to speak ear to ear, dial into the monthly Q & A. Want to talk 1:1, schedule your quarterly call.

We are here to support you in your efforts to make significant strides in the patient experience in your healthcare system. 


how does it work?

Simple, the "CONNECT" Support Network is available to professionals that are responsible for the patient experience.  This could include a Chief Experience Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, VP Quality, etc. anyone who is responsible for the patient experience. Once you join the program, you are immediately "Connected" to our group and begin to collaborate and have your questions answered by BOOST and your peers.


what's included with "Connect?"

  • Access to BOOST through our members only Facebook group for an entire year to receive feedback, support and answers from BOOST and your colleagues 24/7 so you never feel like you are in this alone!
  • MONTHLY Live intense Q & A calls with "hot seat" laser coaching to answer all questions
  • Quarterly private 1:1 (30) minute Strategy Calls
  • All for an incredibly low investment for an ENTIRE YEAR of support!


Ready to get started?

Because the community aspect of "Connect" is so vital, membership in the program is by interview only. If you’d like to be considered, please click on the link below to register and schedule a 30-minute conversation with a member of our team.

Here’s an example of the results our process has delivered:


Not sure if you/your hospital could benefit from this amazing opportunity?

(If 3 or more of the statements below resonate with you, this program will be powerful for both YOU and YOUR hospital!)

  • You find yourself talking out loud frequently hoping that someone with experience could weigh in on the patient experience dilemma you are facing.  
  • You are tired of struggling to figure things out on your own - or doing more of what's already not working.
  • Wish you had an easier way to connect with patient experience specialists
  • Dream that you could have a "Phone a Friend" option when you are facing a dilemma just like the show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."
  • Know that you could benefit from the outside perspective that a 10+ years of experience BOOST can offer.
  • Want to know what really works to sustain the patient experience rather than learn it from trial and error.
  • Would love to strategize with an outside expert to gain an objective opinion on what needs to happen next.

Now here’s the thing: to honor our commitment to delivering results, which is a responsibility we take very seriously, we are limiting the number of participants that can enroll in this program.  Acceptance will occur on a first come, first served basis, so if you are serious about gaining access to the expert skills of BOOST and to CONNECT with other Patient Experience Specialists to catapult the patients' experience at your hospital, submit the form below to schedule a telephone conversation. 

Complete our convenient online registration form to reserve your spot, and we'll respond promptly to schedule a brief phone consultation to determine fit and next steps:

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