Are you ready to create the sustainable change needed to raise your hospital's HCAHPS scores over the long-term, so you can finally bring your scores over the finish line... and keep them there?

In the new value-based healthcare landscape, improving patient satisfaction is a financial imperative. Hospitals simply cannot afford to have HCAHPS scores that backslide, or fail to reach the next level.

Our highest goal is to protect and maximize your original investment in patient satisfaction through systematic organizational change that will stop the backsliding of HCAHPS scores. That's why I'm presenting a super-powerful webinar filled with the 7 Risk Factors that, if present in your hospital, will prevent your hospital from achieving sustainable HCAHPS scores.

Join me for...

 Make Your Scores Stick:
The 7 Biggest Risk Factors That Lead To HCAHPS Backsliding 

2 Convenient Dates to Choose From!

 Thurs., Oct. 9, 2014  |  Tues., Oct. 14, 2014
1 PM Eastern Time / 10 AM Pacific Time

During this FREE power-packed presentation, you will learn:

  • How to keep your HCAHPS scores sustainable
  • Why more than 50% of hospitals are being paid less for each Medicare patient they treat
  • The role of HCAHPS in VBP reimbursement
  • Definition of backsliding
  • 7 Key Risk Factors that contribute to backsliding

If you want to maximize your reimbursements, become the hospital of choice, and set your organization up for long-term success by instituting sustainable change that improves the patient’s experience, (and YOUR hospital's HCAHPS scores!), you won't want to miss this highly-illuminating presentation.

To sign up for this no-cost, content-rich webinar, simply use the links below to choose your preferred date:

Thursday, October 9, 2014 - Register here
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - Register here

Looking forward to "seeing" you on the webinar!

Eileen Campbell, MBA, RN
Boost Patient Experiences