Disappointing Q2?

  Need Better Outcomes for Q3?  Struggling to Consistently Execute?

Let's cut to the chase, if you received the Q2 HCAHPS results yesterday and didn't see the improvement your team has been working so hard on, it's frustrating, (to say the least!) 

We received several calls yesterday from potential clients asking if we could help because they are receiving intense pressure from their Boards and Senior Leadership Teams to turn this around, yesterday (especially because Q2 didn't meet goal.)

Which got us to thinking how we could help the hospitals that are struggling with the missing ingredient.  Have you ever felt that there was something missing?  Just one minor ingredient that would change everything?  Finally deliver results? (or maybe wished!)

That's exactly what we have seen in our work with hospitals.  Time and time again...the biggest challenge to delivering outcomes, the missing ingredient, probably isn't what you think. 

When scores go down everyone looks at the strategies, but chances are the strategies are not the challenge, most likely it's the consistent execution of strategies.  Sounds so simple in theory but incredibly difficult to deliver in the midst of the storms that occur on a daily basis on the patient care units.  Storms are masterful at diverting attention and focus.  

What do we mean by storms?  Storms are the day to day crisis', new urgent priorities that distract the team from their main priorities.  To realize the impact of storms, consider this, what percentage of the many initiatives that were implemented in your hospital in the past two years are actually wired into the fabric of your hospital, happening all the time, every time? 

Probably lower than expected, right?  As for numbers, almost 70% of change initiatives fail.  Scary, especially when you consider all the time and energy that went into educating!   So what needs to happen, differently?  Consistent execution in the midst of the storm because storms are not going away in healthcare. 

Easier said than done, right?  But like everything else, there is a strategy to consistently execution, one that we use ourselves to deliver results in the hospitals we partner with.

So after speaking with several hospitals yesterday about Q2 results, we began to think, what can we do to help front line managers to ingrain execution and improve outcomes?  And "By George, We've Got It!"

We are excited to invite you to an opportunity to help your hospital, quick and fast, (and at a low price) acquire the essential skill to sustainably improve HCAHPS, with the:


"Patient Experience Collaborative." 


What happens in the collaborative?


  • We will meet 1:1 with a Nurse Manager that is struggling with HCAHPS.  We will work on the patient care unit, round, interview patients, staff and by the days end create a strategy for consistent execution.  Now here's where it gets really interesting...we don't disappear after that day, we remain available to help the manager ingrain execution over the next 3 months.
  • (This is how we do it) Coaching Support for 3 months, for a total of 12 times, once a week telephonically, to ingrain execution strategies and we keep ourselves available to our Manager partner with unlimited email support to answer any question.  That's how committed we are to working with you to turn this around.


This program is for you if you:

  • Want to jumpstart Q3
  • Have Teams that are bombarded daily with competing priorities and want to help them consistently execute
  • Can't wait to have good results to present to your Board and Sr. Leadership Team
  • Want to improve Star rating and HCAHPS

Since the quarter is well under way and we are committed to helping right now, the window of opportunity for this program will be short.  Registration, to secure a date with BOOST is open until August 12th and there are limited availabilities.  So If your team is bombarded daily with competing priorities, crisis' that make execution challenging and are having difficulty delivering results, create a different outcome by gifting your Manager with a jump start on Q3 with the Experts at BOOST in the "Patient Experience Collaborative", for the modest investment of only $1,995 per person for 3 months of coaching support with unlimited email access to BOOST and an entire 1:1 Interactive Strategy Day.  (After all, the loss of one patient is over $1million dollars in projected lifetime cost!)

Now here’s the thing: to honor our commitment to delivering results at the 1:1 Strategy Session with Coaching,  a responsibility we take very seriously, there are a limited number of dates that are availableAt this low price, we expect that the Strategy Sessions will fill up quickly and acceptance will occur on a first come, first served basis.

So if you are serious about helping your managers BOOST the patient experience and helping your Managers execute, Register below to confirm your seat and we will contact you to schedule a date to meet, ASAP!

if you're thinking: 

  • "We already have an in-house team working on this."  Perfect!  This does not take the place of, it is in addition to your in-house team. It is a powerful acceleration strategy, which when added to your existing strategy will accelerate outcomes at your hospital.
  • "We don't have money for consultants."  In the spirit of full transparency and cost consciousness, not every manager needs help with execution.  Traditionally 7% of managers are struggling with their scores and could use this BOOSTpun intended!  Pricing is intentionally set to be extremely affordable to help the members of your team that could benefit from 3 months of support.

Imagine the possibilities for your patients, and hospital, if your managers ingrained strategies into the fiber of their patient care units and delivered outcomes all at an extremely LOW COST?  OR What would happen next quarter, if nothing changed?  If the HCAHPS scores on certain units remain low and the managers, as hard as they tried, were still unable to lead a successful patient focused culture?

A minor tweak could change everything.  

To see an example of BOOST's results, click here: BOOST Patient Experiences Case Study


But don't take it from us. Here's what other participants had to say about us...

"I have spent the last 2 years trying everything to raise HCAHPS scores on my unit with no luck.  I really felt like a failure. Every other unit's scores improved except mine. I hated going to our weekly metric meetings.  Today it finally clicked, my approach was what needed to be fixed, not me.  And to think I tried to get out of coming today because I thought this would be like every other HCAHPS training that didn't help me. Thank You!  I can't wait to start my new plan and finally hold my head high in meetings! (K.D. Queens, NY)
"Excellent experience with a knowledgeable instructor."  "Being able to hear what similar struggles other hospitals encounter and being able to openly discuss them" (Kerry Anderson, South Carolina)
"This conference is very valuable for every manager to attend and the information was very helpful in improving the unit HCAHPS."  (G.P. Brooklyn, NY)

"I know that HCAHPS and patient experience is a huge initiative, and I wasn't confident that the process of moving metrics could be streamlined and efficient.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that our institution had the tools, we just needed the extra boost of strategies to help us sustain those efforts."  I would tell my colleagues that this program will break down patient experience into a process that will be realistic and feel comfortable for you to implement.  It really took the mystery out of metrics for me!"  (A.L. Long Island, NY)

Here's WHAT BOOST Patient Experiences Clients Are Saying About the Mentorship Program...

"There is no other program like this that I know of that has the complete hands-on guidance towards Patient Experience. Eileen and her team help you to really focus on driving the patient experience by taking it apart one bit at a time and really drilling down on the key drivers of the domains. The clarity and accountability that is driven through our coaching sessions and our on-site visit is exactly what was needed to help create sustainability and shift culture. It’s like I have a personal coach that I can connect with at anytime to discuss any barriers or push back that I might be facing or to talk through strategies and tactics that may need to be tweaked or refocused. Boost is truly my partner in this Patient Experience Journey and the fact that you sign on with them for a year is compelling. Most programs want to come in a just do a six week stint and send you on your way. Eileen and her team are sincerely and genuinely committed to my hospital’s success. Boost Patient Experiences is a game changer in the Patient Experience arena. I wish I would have know about them 5 years ago when I started. Don’t think about why you can’t do it, think about why you need and should do it!" (D.B., CXO, New York)

"I have found BOOST to be informative and in-line with current best practices related to patient experience, project and change management. Having a coach is useful to stay on track with our improvement plans. The weekly accountability is also a great way to stay focused!" (A.H., CNO, Massachusetts)

"I feel that the BOOST program has provided the valuable drill down tools that we need to be able to further our mission of exceptional customer service. You have given us the tools, which, coupled with our enthusiasm will catapult us into a higher standard and level of care! Thank you and we cannot wait to see what the balance of the year brings to us!"
(M.W. CXO, New York)