Everything you Wanted to Know about Creating a Successful Patient Experience  But Had No One to Ask! 

Q1 is over, did you meet your goals?  Congratulations to those that did; we know it takes a tremendous amount of work to transform a culture; your patients thank you.

And then there are those teams that didn’t quite reach their goals, NOT for lack of trying but for one reason or another it just didn’t work.

So now what?  Waiting until next quarter hoping it will be better?  We know that doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results just doesn’t work.

So what if you could spend time with a patient experience expert, one that has worked with hospitals for over a decade with a proven track record of delivering results?  

  • Someone that could help you deliver different results?
  • Someone you could ask ANY question to?
  • Someone that has probably encountered every obstacle you are facing and made it through to the other side, multiple times? 

Would that help you achieve your goals?  Maybe even sleep at night?!

For years our clients have told us that they wished we were on "speed dial” to help them when they encountered obstacles, to share with them strategies that do and don’t work, so they could make the decisions that deliver results without wasting time.

There is no need to “reinvent the wheel.”  Learning from others is one of the most efficient methods to gain traction and accelerate any strategy / initiative. 

Which is exactly what we are going to offer, an opportunity for a small group of professionals to engage with us to create winning solutions at an affordable price. 

On Friday, June 17, 2016
BOOST is conducting a PATIENT EXPERIENCE INTENSIVE, solely focused on creating strategies that deliver results for a select group of ONLY 6 professionals.

How do you know if this is right for you? Are you one of the 6 professionals that will join us?  If you:

  •  Are a Patient Experience Expert or Nurse Manager working hard to improve the patient experience but not seeing the results you expect
  • Are tired of watching your scores go up and down
  • Dread when HCAHPS scores are reported
  • Want to tap into the experience of an expert to accelerate results in your hospital
  • Want to have an expert at hand for the next 3 months to help

Join us for the creation of a winning strategy!  Attendance at the intensive will be limited to 6 professionals dedicated to leading the patient experience at their hospital.


This isn’t a Workshop where we talk all day long and you listen. Instead, this is a  participatory workshop where we share the key ingredients to create a truly successful Patient Experience Plan, along with Application Labs where you will Implement Real Solutions for a CUSTOMIZED plan, guided by BOOST.  At the end of the day, each participant will leave with a customized Patient Experience Action Plan that can be implemented as soon as they return to the hospital.

But that's not where it ends.  To ensure that your managers have the greatest opportunity for success, this Workshop includes:

  •  Pre-Workshop:
    • Data compilation to be complete by manager prior to the workshop for a clear understanding of current state
    • 30-Minute Pre-Workshop Coaching Call to discuss current strategy and 2016 Patient Experience Goals
  • Full-day Interactive Workshop with key industry insights to create a successful 2016 Patient Experience Plan
    • 30 minute post-workshop call with participant to assist with plan implementation
    • 10 minutes post workshop call with BOOST and your leader to discuss the plan and strategies for sustainability 
    • Opportunity to brainstorm with other hospitals to hear additional strategies that work
  • Post-Workshop:
    • Sustainability Support: (3) Coaching Conversations, 1/month X 3 months and unlimited email access for 3 months

So if you are REALLY ready to improve your patients' experience, (after all sometimes it’s just a small tweak that’s needed), this is an incredible opportunity to leverage the experience of a patient experience expert at a very affordable price.  But don’t wait to register, for this price and value, we expect this intensive will fill up quickly!  Simply click the link below:

Location:  NYC

Date:  Friday, June 17, 2016

Time:  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

EARLY BIRD Price: Only $695.00 through June 10th! (Normally $795)

Want to hear what our Mentorship clients are saying?

"There is no other program like this that I know of that has the complete hands-on guidance towards Patient Experience. Eileen and her team help you to really focus on driving the patient experience by taking it apart one bit at a time and really drilling down on the key drivers of the domains. The clarity and accountability that is driven through our coaching sessions and our on-site visit is exactly what was needed to help create sustainability and shift culture. It’s like I have a personal coach that I can connect with at anytime to discuss any barriers or push back that I might be facing or to talk through strategies and tactics that may need to be tweaked or refocused. Boost is truly my partner in this Patient Experience Journey and the fact that you sign on with them for a year is compelling. Most programs want to come in a just do a six week stint and send you on your way. Eileen and her team are sincerely and genuinely committed to my hospital’s success. Boost Patient Experiences is a game changer in the Patient Experience arena. I wish I would have know about them 5 years ago when I started. Don’t think about why you can’t do it, think about why you need and should do it!" (D.B., CXO, New York)

"I have found BOOST to be informative and in-line with current best practices related to patient experience, project and change management. Having a coach is useful to stay on track with our improvement plans. The weekly accountability is also a great way to stay focused!" (A.H., CNO, Massachusetts)

"I feel that the BOOST program has provided the valuable drill down tools that we need to be able to further our mission of exceptional customer service. You have given us the tools, which, coupled with our enthusiasm will catapult us into a higher standard and level of care! Thank you and we cannot wait to see what the balance of the year brings to us!"
(M.W. CXO, New York)