"Eileen Campbell has provided St. John’s Riverside Hospital with exceptional service in the development of leadership talent through: education, reflection, and mentoring.  She has provided support in coaching and performance management, as well as guided the tracking of performance metrics, and “closing the loop” on deliverables. 

Ms. Campbell’s business diligence has a proven history of leveraging opportunities for best practice and continuous improvement.  Additionally, she has been able to target operational gaps and deficiencies across all platforms within our organization; including processes and the improvement of staff and patient satisfaction.  As a result, she has constructively offered suggestions for operational issues and the development of remedial action plans.  The caliber of her work and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done creates the confidence to engage St. John’s Riverside leaders to further business improvement strategies. Not only is Eileen very personable and easy to work with, she took the time to understand the specific needs of our organization."

- Ron Corti, President and CEO, St. John’s Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, NY

"Our HCAHPS (patient experience) scores were below national standards. Eileen Campbell provided a comprehensive program of education, mentoring, implementing, monitoring and evaluation that increased our HCAHPS scores in all dimensions by 20 to 30 points.

Organizational managers had been trained by a national authority on patient satisfaction strategies, but there was inadequate follow-through on staff education that focused on practical application and interdisciplinary engagement.

Eileen Campbell was absolutely the driving force for engagement, with creative strategies, unique to the dynamics on the unit or in the department, and sensitive to the focus of the staff. She provided timeline mapping of the implementation of specific strategies and the HCAHPS results, and around-the-clock education and monitoring of follow through with the management staff to establish sustainability for the future.

Eileen is a partner in an engagement – one who brings new ideas or approaches to the table, but also appreciates and supports the effective strategies you have in place."

- Pamela Dupuis, Senior Vice President – Patient Care Services



"BOOST Patient Experiences is a game changer in the Patient Experience Arena.  There is no other program like this that I know of that has the complete hands-on guidance towards Patient Experience. Eileen and her team help you to really focus on driving the patient experience by taking it apart one bit at a time and really drilling down on the key drivers of the domains. The clarity and accountability that is driven through our coaching sessions and our on-site visit is exactly what was needed to help create sustainability and shift culture. It’s like I have a personal coach that I can connect with at anytime to discuss any barriers or push back that I might be facing or to talk through strategies and tactics that may need to be tweaked or refocused. Boost is truly my partner in this Patient Experience Journey and the fact that you sign on with them for a year is compelling. Most programs want to come in a just do a six week stint and send you on your way. Eileen and her team are sincerely and genuinely committed to my hospital’s success. Boost Patient Experiences is a game changer in the Patient Experience arena. I wish I would have know about them 5 years ago when I started. Don’t think about why you can’t do it, think about why you need and should do it!" (D.B., CXO, New York)

"I have found BOOST to be informative and in-line with current best practices related to patient experience, project and change management. Having a coach is useful to stay on track with our improvement plans. The weekly accountability is also a great way to stay focused!" (A.H., CNO, Massachusetts)

"I feel that the BOOST program has provided the valuable drill down tools that we need to be able to further our mission of exceptional customer service. You have given us the tools, which, coupled with our enthusiasm will catapult us into a higher standard and level of care! Thank you and we cannot wait to see what the balance of the year brings to us!"
(M.W. CXO, New York)